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Maoz Daniel Construction Company Ltd. is a family company that is one of the oldest companies in Israel, Which was established three decades ago, is engaged in development, planning and construction, and has the highest professional classification 5. The Company’s comprehensive areas of activity create the added value that it enjoys which receive the leading professional services at one address.

The company has gained considerable practical experience following the treatment of thousands of housing units in Israel, and over the years its skills have helped it To direct its way naturally to the urban regeneration field, which it specializes in today. Maoz Daniel is the leading company in the field of urban renewal for 15 years, and is also the first company to initiate and successfully built the evacuation project the first construction in the city of Ramat Gan, a tower that rises to a height of 30 floors, Including 104 housing units.

The company enjoys a proven ability to manage licensing systems and altering urban building plans while working with the best architects And consultants in Israel and plans more than 2000 residential units in high demand areas in the center of the country in a wide range of projects , Among others, projects of boutique buildings with 21 residential units, as well as the construction of a neighborhood of 500 housing units .The company controls all areas of real estate, including entrepreneurship, planning, execution and Providing responsibility for inspection.

The professional treatment of every link in the chain of activities in the field gives the Company full control over all stages of the project and because of it in this way, it decides on the quality of the quality and is meticulous in its quality in every project The meeting of timetables and occupancy dates. All the services and departments are under one roof, and the company’s clients enjoy one address for each request. The company has an ISO 9002 international quality standard and has a large star to perform work for government officials.

Maoz Daniel is committed to the owners of apartments with cooperation, skill, transparency, and reliability. The tenants enjoy a precious peace of mind, in light of the company’s many years of experience in managing complex projects and removing them to practice. This is in addition to the appropriate guarantees and collateral to which the Company undertakes as a condition for executing the project.

“Service, Integrity and Humanity This is our way from time to time” Customer centrality is the concept that leads the company, from the beginning From meticulous planning, down to the smallest detail, to professional and uncompromising performance on product quality Providing the best service. The company has made its way to the top through hard work, providing leading professional service and proven reliability throughout the years.

The company’s reputation was built from hard work in front of many thousands of apartment buyers, who never cease to flatter Personal care, caring, reliability, professional service and social and personal relations. Above all, this is the ultimate end result enjoyed by our customers. In society, the poet says: “What is to do with love?”

To build the house with the emotion of the heart as if it were destined to be loved within its walls. “Indeed, each apartment is built as if Built for the family an experienced and experienced engineering department The Company has an experienced and experienced engineering system whose job is to ensure safety Site, and apartments built with uncompromising standards.

The company’s engineering department is the largest department in the company, which is at the forefront of technology at all times. The department has over 30 years of experience, accumulated during dozens of projects, professional training and training and seminars.

Engineering department managers and employees keep up-to-date with new building methods and learn the latest laws, regulations and standards. This is because knowledge, learning, renewal and progress are the Department’s main concern. At the same time, the department constantly upgrades construction equipment to state-of-the-art equipment.

All the stages of construction are concentrated and controlled by the skilled staff of the department – from the engineering planning process to the implementation plans And licensing, through the construction process itself, including the inspection period, the warranty and the repairs (if required). Each stage is accompanied by strict quality control and control procedures, using advanced control and control software. All these ensure the final quality of the product, meeting the cost targets and of course meeting the deadlines.

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Even Maasu Habonim Haita Le'Rosh Pina


The Engineering Department is the largest department in our company. Our Engineering Department is always at the forefront of technology, and has over 15 years of extensive, in-depth experience, experience that has been established through dozens of projects, professional training, coaching and observation days. Knowledge, continuous study and progress are the main desires of the department. In order to keep up with the current building systems, be proficient in the constantly evolving rules, regulations and updated standards, and to continually upgrade the building equipment to the newest and most advanced equipment available, the department managers and employees dedicate time to continuous learning, all of the time

All of the building stages are managed, supervised and focused by the department’s well trained teams, beginning with the engineering plan, executional programs, and licensing; through the building process itself, up until the inspection stage, the warranty and repair, (if necessary). Every single stage undergoes a supervisory and quality inspection, while utilizing advanced control and monitoring programs. All of this guarantees the final quality of the product, adherence to the budget and, of course, the schedule.



The Departmental structure
Under the department’s manager are 2 qualified and professional teams:

An administrative team that includes:
Secretaries and technical clerks
Permit engineersion and tenant complaints
Purchasing manager
Changing tenants manager
Auction/Public Tender Engineer

The site’s building management team includes:
Project managers
Executional engineers
Work managers




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The fact that Maoz Daniel is the developer, planner and executor of this project allows the company to maintain full control over all of the project phases, both in relation to quality standards and schedule adherence. All of the services, facilities and departments are under one roof, and the tenant has one address for any issue or question.

We know that we are evaluated, from the beginning, on every project we establish, and our reputation is only as good as the last condominium we released to our tenant. Therefore we emphasize the quality of service, the responsiveness, and the quality of responses provided to our customers by the Customer Service Department. A major component of the quality of our service is our commitments and promises to you, and the most crucial of all is the tenancy date. The use of advanced building methods usually allows us to move up the tenancy date, without compromising the building’s quality.

Beginning with the user friendly design of the condominiums and building, through choosing the most luxurious finishing material, until our support and follow up throughout the warranty period, the customer’s need and desires are our number one focus. In Maoz Daniel we don’t build neighborhoods and buildings, we create homes. Homes where real people live, families, children. Our scrupulous attention to every detail, even the smallest, comes from our awareness that, at the end of the process, your family will enjoy our investment. At Maoz Daniel, there is no greater satisfaction than that.

Customer Service Department is at your service for any request or question arose
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